Serving to preserve and promote the Vietnamese culture

UH VSA aims to perserve/promote Vietnamese culture and give our members a social, cultural, and skill building experience. Welcoming everyone from all sorts of backgrounds while maintaining a safe and inclusive space.

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Culural Dance Group

What we have to offer

Social/Cultural Events

UH VSA is both a social and cultural organization at heart. We host a ton of social and cultural events each month to allow our members to learn more about the Vietnamese culture while making new friends along the way!

Our Family System

With UH VSA having a large number of members each year, we sort our members into smaller groups aka families! Being a part of a VSA family allows our members to meet new people with similar interests and hobbies and partake in events that are exclusive to each family.

Our ACCE System

ACCE, standing for Anh Chi Chanh Em (Vietnamese honorifics/pronouns), is a bigger/smaller sibling system that has a big sibling paired up with one or two of our members (small siblings). This allows participants to have mentors for personal and professional development and a closer bonding expereince.

Officer Internships

Beyond just a social and cultural experience, we offer our members the opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills with our internship program. At the end of their internship, our interns will be able to run for officers for the next year!

Cultural Dance Team

If you're wanting to dance or even just learn how to, our dance team is just for you! Our dance team is led by our the cultural directors and meet up every two weeks to practice a cultural and modern dance. Throughout the year, we have performances at other schools, competitions, and UH to showcase our dance skills!


It doesn't matter if you're looking for an outlet for your competitiveness or just a fun time with some friends, UH VSA Sports is right for both. We hold monthly tournaments for sports and esports. If you're looking to compete, we also have IML competitions where you can compete in physical sports and esports.

Member Pricing

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  • Access to some VSA Events

  • Free member T-shirt

  • Access to Family/ACE System

  • Participation in Cultural Team

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$18/sem | $28/year

  • Free access to VSA events

  • Free member T-shirt

  • Access to Family/ACE System

  • Participation in Cultural Team

  • Participation in VSA sport events

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Whether you're looking to learn more about Vietnamese culture, make new friends, or particpate in our sports or cultural team, UH VSA has it all. Here at UH VSA, we strive to make it an inclusive and safe space for everyone. We hope to see you at our next general meeting or social!